Johny Haycocks. My contemporary art practice.

I am a contemporary artist who studied contemporary art at York St John University in York. I have developed this web-based archive to allow you to access my portfolio of contemporary practice to date. Hopefully you find many things filled with intrigue and wonder as to their origin. Please feel free to view my body of work and ask questions at will or leave feedback on the works that interest you.

The aspects of contemporary art that interest me currently in terms of practice disciplines are aesthetics , ready-mades , popular culture,  sculpture,  installation art , video art, neoism,  surrealism and the Freudian unconscious, amongst others. Drawing,  photography,  animations,  collage,  songs,  using  light as a medium and  u.v. activated  paint  techniques of the materials process.. Journals of experiments, unpredictable outcomes from an endeavour to make Art that questions the very experiences that we take for granted as being set in a structured reality into which we fit, rather than a world into which we are forever finding the nature of its experience being anything other than ordered and rational. What is real? What is un-real? And what lies on the edge of perception in between the two pillars of experience? All I know is the life I have dreamed and the life I have lived. My Art plays on those experiences in an attempt to create work that questions reality or at least offers alternatives in the form of the uncanny.

My latest projects while i wait to study masters are a new series of drawings, paintings, poetry, photography and print. However the biggest project which started in earnest in August 2014 is the video art film i am currently writing scripts and story boards for. Its a huge undertaking of what, who, when and why i have become the artist i am. How my life and my experiences have shaped me into the being i am and how i see life and the world. My lens if you will.

Update August 2015.

My film is in the writing and planning stages of development with 18 chapters completed so far. As the project has grown over the last year it has become a therapeutic cleansing of my years from the age of 13 to present day. There are a variety of elements that form the central focus of the film which include Addiction, Britpop music, Comedy, T.V. and Films and associated Popular Culture and Mental Health as well as a theme that will only be revealed within the editing suit. I have posted a few extracts on Facebook for a little feedback from a broad audience which has been very positive, all of which is copyrighted from the very outset.

Along with this there have been various projects  involving people with addiction issues in their lives with the ethos of allowing participants to have a break from their own situations with fun being the general aim. My free pop up Art drawings have made several appearances since last year in York and it’s surrounding villages.