Installation and Sculpture.

Alternate 2013.

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This was the work i produced for the Create13 Degree exhibition Installation work. Alternate 2013.

AURA 2012.

IMG_0037 (2)IMG_0092 (2)IMG_0229 (2)IMG_0194 (2)

This work interrogated a space of a metre cubed, as per the brief we were assigned in year two of my contemporary fine art degree,for the white cube exhibition using u.v. light as a medium titled Aura 2011/2012.

Jellyfish series installation 2012.

Collaborative project with Natalie Willis.   http://www.nwillis.comIMG_6716IMG_6734IMG_6722 IMG_6737

I collaborate with my colleague Natalie Willis who hails from the Bahamas, the jelly fish installations are produced using various materials and we hope to exhibit again very soon, it will be a very special installation.

Instrumental 2012.

IMG_6961 IMG_6985 (3) IMG_6985 (4)

This installation work was for the Project 26 exhibition at the new school-house gallery in 2013.

Duchamp’s elephant and calf readymades. 2012.

_MG_6282 _MG_6285 _MG_6307 _MG_6322 _MG_6331

I have a keen interest in readymade art and Duchamp’s work in this field, experimental sculptural works with found objects working to produce interesting new aesthetics for them.

Readymades project with rotary dial phones.2011.

sculpture photos april 11 033 sculpture photos april 11 040 sculpture photos april 11 091 - Copy sculpture photos april 11 203 sculpture photos april 11 213 sculpture photos april 11 248 sculpture photos april 11 356

This work again played with site specific brief  that utilised the readymade phones on a site of a hill near the city walls on a hill which would have been a site of communication.

Basement Jacks. 2012.

IMG_6591 IMG_6599 IMG_6601 IMG_6613 IMG_6616

This was a collaborative exhibition ‘between history and memory’ in a basement at bar lane studios that we put on independently as an extra show to gain some experience in curating our own exhibition and making work for the show. Lo-fi vibe to my work and fun to be part of.

Jelly fish sculptures. 2013. collaborative with Natalie Willis.

Behind the scenes the jellyfish sculptures take shape.


Ongoing sculptural installation work with Natalie Willis.