Degree show installation 2013

Alternate 2013. Create13 Degree exhibition installation work.

by Johny Haycocks.

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Installation. ALTERNATE. 2013. Johny Haycocks.

This particular installation work has developed through research into the uncanny as Freud defined it in his essay of 1919 titled the uncanny, with recent contemporary artists such as Mike Kelley having contributed to this aesthetic experience. Dark, hidden, repressed, Uncanny.

The aspects of contemporary art that interest me currently in terms of practice disciplines are aesthetics , ready-mades , popular culture,  sculpture,  installation art , video art, neoism,  surrealism and the  unconscious.  Drawing,  photography,  animations,  collage,  songs,  using  light as a medium. Art that questions the very experiences that we take for granted as being set in a structured reality into which we fit, rather than a world into which we are forever finding the nature of its experience being anything other than ordered and rational. What is real? What is un- real? And what lies on the edge of perception in between the two pillars of experience? All I know is the life I have dreamed and the life I have lived. My Art plays on those experiences in an attempt to create work that questions reality or at least offers alternatives in the form of the uncanny.

Watch this link to short video of installation work ‘Alternate’.